Your Involvement

There are more single parent families than ever in society.   Actually right now according to StatsCan, there are about 750,000 single parent families in Ontario alone. We want to be the organization representing Single Parent Families because we have the organization that best supports them.

  • We have great plans in where we want to take this organization.
  • Want to be a part of it?
  • Got a passion or feel that there’s a burning issue that needs to be addressed?

Join us! We need your passion, your help and ideas.  Mostly we need you.  As an organization that runs like a franchise, the more people that help us at our National level the better and more supported the Chapters are.

We need people, more than single parents, we need all people, to join our National team.  We have roles and support positions.  please let us know what your strength is and what you can help with and we will find a home for you!