Welcome to the Limestone Chapter of the One Parent Families Association. We are located in Kingston Ontario and look forward to having new members join our chapter.
The current executive for the Limestone Chapter is as follows:
  • President : Brian Hopkins
  • Sports Director: Doug Brown
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Lesley Kerckhoff
  • Family Activities/Membership Director: Julie Mckee-Grabell
For more information about our events, please visit our Limestone Chapter- Events page or go to our Limestone chapter Meetup Page:

You can see all of our great activities and sign up for them on our Meetup page.  Advanced notice of participation will help us  with our planning, especially when advanced reservations are required.

However, any questions pertaining to the One Parent Families Association Limestone Chapter in Kingston can be directed to  



5 thoughts on “Limestone

  1. Melissa Bradford

    Your web page is fantastic!!! The Kingston OPFA looks like they are doing some fantastic fun activities. I think anyone would be very lucky to be part of this chapter. Well done everyone!!!

  2. Brian Smith

    What if I am a single parent but if my daughter is an adult and is living with me , do I qualified to join one parent families group ?

  3. Natalie Coupland

    I am a single parent and have 3 boys who are the age of 15,5,3 would I be able to come out to those meetings as well. What kind of meeting is this all related to and what would we be learning to have a better understand of single parents situation or how to raise your kids (Children’s)

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