Durham Region

What’s Up in Durham Region?

The Durham Region Chapters — Ajax-Pickering and Oshawa-Whitby (now Durham Region East) — have always had strong chapters within the OPFA.

However, as kids grow up, people move and life happens, the status of chapters changes over time — sometimes the chapter grows, sometimes it shrinks.    Right now, the Chapters in Durham Region have been shrinking as people leave.   We haven’t reached enough new people to keep the chapters thriving!

Most people find out about us through word of mouth but we know that there are many out there that have never heard of us.   In Durham Region, with all the new homes being constructed, there’s lots of new people who don’t know about us.

We are trying to figure out a way to rebuild our Durham Chapters, either as two (Ajax-Pickering and west and Durham Region East (Oshawa-Whitby-Clarington-Bowmanville etc.) or one combined chapter (Durham Region) and splitting it out later.

If you’re interested in being part of the Durham Region Chapter(s) — or better yet, want to help us build a chapter that suits your needs — let us know!   There’s lots of personal rewards from being a part of this organization — from great activities for your and your family, personal growth from being a director and friends that you will have for life!

A chapter is a semi-autonomous part of the One Parent Families Association.   Each chapter has its own executive, bylaws and fundraising.  Chapters can use our charitable number to raise funds — and then spend those funds as the membership of the chapter determines is best for the chapter.

Instead of investing time in Meet Up or other social organizations, invest that time in the OPFA and get the same social benefits and more!