Contact Us

To get more information about us, please contact us directly!  We’ll be happy to talk to you.    If there is no chapter in your area, you are welcome to join a neighboring chapter but ultimately we’d like you to consider helping us establish one in your area.   You’re not alone!   We’d like to know that you’re out there so that we can put some like minded people together for support and fun.

One Parent Families Association of Canada
National Office
P. O. Box 628 Pickering, ON     L1V 3T3

Telephone No.  877-773-7714.    

We encourage you to email us as well!   You can also contact the Chapter representatives directly.   Many of the chapters use the Meet Up sites to communicate events and you may want to become a member of those as well (no charge).   We also have a Facebook site as well where we post activities and items of interest so please ask to join!


Kingston (Limestone): Please contact Brian Hopkins at

Durham Region East:  Laurie Macklem – President

Durham Region East Meet Up site:

Toronto Area Chapter: Sandra Eamor -President or

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