Starting a Chapter

There’s no chapter near me?   Can I start one?

With the advent of Meet Up and other organizations, our membership has dropped off and we have had to close and combine chapters.

However, that tide seems to be turning.   Meet Up groups do provide many social activities, but they don’t necessarily offer the same sense of community and togetherness that many people want.   We are starting to get more calls aksing whether there is a Chapter in their area — and if not, what it takes to start one.

Essentially, it takes about 15 people to start a chapter, with four or five of them wanting to take executive positions in the chapter to get it off the ground.

We’ll even help — with information and start up funds.   Each chapter is a semi-autonomous organization under the One Parent Families Association charter.   They have their own executive, they have bylaws, and they do their own fundraising, often using the Association’s charitable number.   They then decide how best to spend those funds on their membership.   The chapter has meetings, plans events for adults and families, joins other chapters in activities (camping, volleyball and baseball tournaments, etc.) and can subsidize those activities if it chooses through its fundraising.

The OPFA has been around since 1973 and if you’re interested in helping us by starting a chapter — or letting us know that you’re interested and where you are so that we can contact you later — please let us know!