Durham Region

While the Ajax-Pickering Chapter is in limbo — no one stepped up to help run the Chapter — the Durham Region East Chapter is growing!      There are no geographic boundaries to the One Parent Families Association, so anyone can be a part of the Durham Region East Chapter.   You might have difficult coming to some of the meetings, but you can still join us for our activities and fundraising!

We have changed our meeting nights to Thursday nights, 6:30 – 8:00 pm as it seems to be a better night for more people.   We meet the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of the month at the Harmony Creek Community Centre.   We are moving to a new and bigger room on the ground floor too!

We had a couple of great activities in July — a potluck barbeque where old and new  members could relax and get to know each other or catch up on everyone’s busy life.

That was followed by a great Family Activity at NEBS Fun World — bowling, pizza, & arcade — and it was enjoyed by the kids and parent alike.

We are looking forward to another potluck barbeque on August 22nd and are planning a Cedar Park Family activity.   Both are open to everyone!    We use Meet Up to publicize our activities and they can also be found on the One Parent Families Facebook page  https://www.facebook.com/groups/oneparentfamilies/?ref=bookmarks

Our meetings are a combination of business and social time and kids are always welcome!   We try to have things there for them to do.   Please drop in to say hello and find out the benefits of being a member!

The Durham Region East Chapter, like every Chapter of the OPFA, is a semi-autonomous part of the One Parent Families Association.   Each chapter has its own executive, bylaws and fundraising.  Chapters do their own fundraising and can use the OPFA’s charitable status and charitable number to raise funds.  The Chapters then spend those funds in a manner that the membership of the chapter determines is best for the chapter.   Usually that means that children’s activities are subsidized but successful fundraising allows us to subsidize adult activities, offer bursaries and scholarships too!

Instead of investing time in Meet Up or other social organizations, invest that time in the OPFA and get the same social benefits and more!   We are a volunteer organization — no one is paid — but the rewards are great!