The OPFA is a volunteer organization.   Everyone has to volunteer to help with the activities.

Volunteering = more and better activities at less cost.

Of course, we all know how good volunteering makes us feel too.   It’s a great “cure all” for many things.

There’s another side of volunteering too that’s just as awesome.   You meet great people and get to know them really well.  It’s why we have people who have been in the organization for more than 30 years.   The friendships that you make can last a lifetime.

Our activities are great because of our volunteers and we salute them!!

Here’s the grille masters from our recent pot luck at the Ajax Community Centre.   Thanks Andrew and Mel!!!!   And Bill for transporting the barbeque from storage, Heather and all the other members who volunteered for set up and clean up.   It doesn’t take long when everyone helps.