Our New Executive

The annual convention was held in Kingston hosted by our Limestone Chapter.

Conventions are semi-annual events where representatives from each chapter get together to discuss issues pertinent to everyone as well as renew old friendships and make new acquaintances.   The spring convention is also the time for elections to the National Board.

The OPFA has a National Board who has the responsibility for overseeing all activities of the organization including compiling and submitting our financial information to the Canada Revenue Agency as we are required to do as a national charity.   The Chapters are a part of the OPFA but operate independently under the guidelines provided by national.  For a comparison, think of the analogy of Franchiser / Franchisee.  Chapter Presidents are also members of the Board of Directors of the Association.

Our National President is Janet Jones from the Limestone Chapter.

Doug Brown is the Vice-President.

Nicole Cote is National Treasurer and National Membership Director.

Neil Kennedy has joined the Board as National Marketing Manager.

There are still other positions that can be filled by appointment — there’s lots of opportunities to apply your expertise in a fun and rewarding group!