National Executive

January 2017 Update

We had our semi-annual convention in November and went over a lot of material pertinent to the development and growth of this organization.

We have made progress towards our vision of rebuilding the OPFA into a more relevant charity for the 21st century with a focus on the needs of single parents and the legal requirements (PEPIDA, etc.) but there’s lots more to be done!    We have lots of ideas and directions that we want to take and we are looking for vibrant professionals to assume responsibilities and help us towards this goal.  We have lots of positions open on the executive.  One of the great things about volunteering is that you often get more out of it than you give!

IAndrew Haines is our National President.   Andrew has been Ajax-Pickering Chapter President in the past and has previously held the post of Publicity Director on the National Board of the OPFA.

Greg Mercer, long time President of the OPFA, is still on the National Executive as Past President where he can advise and guide the new board.  He is also our National Sports Director and you can always find him at our tournaments when he ensures that things run smoothly.

Doug Brown is the current of 1st Vice President.  Doug brings lots of experience to the table with experience as an executive on both National and very successful Kingston chapter.

The position of 2nd Vice President remains open and may transition to a new title and responsibilities — there are lots of things on the national agenda!    We would like someone to look at expanding the organization — we know that there’s lots of needs out there.

Terry Mayer has the responsibility of National Treasurer.  Terry has been a Vice-President of the National organization in the past.

Nicole Cote has been appointed to the position of National Membership Director, supporting the senior team.  Her strong people skills and enthusiasm for leading will be a good solid point from which to build upon.  Our collective goals for her are to assimilate the current families and kids audit we are doing, to create and distribute a membership survey, to hold a meeting of all Membership directors of the chapters, to look for global synergies and to outline areas for improvement and success

Elsie Teskey has rejoined the National Board as Newsletter / Historian — a new position.   We have lots of history that we need to record and we need to do a much better job of communicating with all of our members on National issues and opportunities.

The OPFA is actively looking for Board members and those that can support our organization.  The rules and structure of Board members is different from regular members and allows anyone to be appointed, please let us know if you are interested: