Benefits of Membership


Okay, you’ve found our site and it looks interesting. Now what?

Hopefully you’ll contact us and we can give you more information — by email or phone if you leave your number. But there’s a couple of other things that you probably want to know right now.

What’s it cost???

Every member pays an annual fee which goes to the National Organization. The largest expenditure is for comprehensive insurance coverage for all chapters, its members and their activities. We use the remainder of the funds that we receive to support the chapters and promote the growth of the organization. Annual dues are currently $50 per year — less than $5 per month.

The OPFA is a completely 100% volunteer organization — none of your money goes to pay anyone’s salary.

Chapters do their own fundraising to support their activities and members are expected to volunteer some time to support the chapter and the activities.   The money raised is used to subsidize some of the Chapters activities.

What do you get for your $50?  In a word, LOTS!!!

Chapters do regular activities for families and adults. Activities are structured, organized and well planned so that everyone has a part and can easily contribute.

We offer opportunities to play recreational sports — volleyball and softball — at a reasonable price — and we know that many haven’t played since high school — or in some cases, never. We have teams and practices for those that need extra time.

We know that you may have parental responsibilities that mean that you can’t make it every week which makes joining some leagues difficult. It’s tough to balance work/kids/family responsibilities and adult activities — we can help!!!  We are all in the same place, so having kids attend activities and sports is just part of what we do.

Chapters reflect their members, so depending on your chapter and your needs you can help to guide the direction to fit your needs.  As well when you join one Chapter, you join the whole organization, so it’s like joining a large extended family.

But really, there are a lot more benefits than just financial. Many of our members joined the organization when they had kids — but have stayed after their children grew up, moved out and had families of their own.  We have a saying — Come for the kids, stay for the friendships — and that says a lot about the organization.

The OPFA gives you lots of opportunities to meet new people with whom you probably have a lot in common. You also get the chance to help make both the chapter and its activities better.



17 thoughts on “Benefits of Membership

  1. AA

    Hi , I am at port union and kingston( border pickering). Which ranch would bethe closest and how do I pay for membership.

  2. Hi! Why don’t you come out and meet the group in Ajax-Pickering? We’re a little more established right now than our new Toronto chapter. You can always transfer to another chapter later and you would get to know more people in the organization too. We are having a pot luck this Wednedsay at the Cricket Club on Monarch south of Bayly in Ajax. It’s our regular meeting place but this Wednesday we are having a pot luck instead. We have membership forms there and you can pay by cheque if you want to join. It’s a great group and we have lots of fun — a little work here and there volunteering, but even that’s hardly work since you are socializing with friends.

    If you can’t make it Wednesday, we can figure out another time to get together. Our fundraising dances are the second Saturday of every month at the Pickering Rec Cemtre. We usually have a big group there.

    How old are your kids?


  3. Hi, I am interested in becoming a member of the OPFA…pickering/ajax chapter. Will there be an opportunity in the near future to come out and learn more about becoming a member? I have 2 daughters aged 10 and 7.


  4. Hi Rodney, thanks very much for the message. Our chapter meets weekly (except the first week of each month) on Wednesdays. You’re invited to come out and take a look at us. If you go to: you’ll get to see the specific details. Good to meet you. Best, Andrew

  5. jasmine


    I would like some more info on the ajax branch. I think I went to a meeting years ago and felt a little young. Im in my 30’s.

    Can you let me know. Thanks!

  6. Vicki

    Hi, I am interest in joining the Whitby/Oshawa chapter and wanted to find out how to do that. My ex-husband is a member with the Pickering/Ajax chapter, I thought it would be more comfortable if I joined the Whitby/Oshawa chapter instead, my daughter is 16.

    I look forward to hearing back from you.

  7. Hello All,
    I am new to the country and City and new being a Single parent. I need to bring my Son ( 7 year) to Toronto in next week week. I need help , help for everything what all should I have to do and from where to start with.

    Please reply back to me. Thanks

  8. Julie

    Single mom of two beautiful girls that would like to find support of other single parents.
    Looking to join organization but would like more information since it some what seems you blurb is out of date talking about expeanding in 2016 which I’m sure you have but we are in now 2017.
    If someone could email me more information please.

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