Please note that our in-person events are on hold during the COVID-19 pandemic.  We will resume in-person events once it is safe to do so.  CLICK HERE TO JOIN OUR EMAIL LIST FOR UPDATES.

We are a national, non-profit organization which operates under a Federal Charter granted by the Government of Canada.   We have been in operation since 1973.

Since then, a lot has changed in society — and so have we!!!   Our basic mission — to provide support to one parent families of every kind — has not.  We are one parent families who have joined together for the mutual benefit of both parent and child.  We are run by members who volunteer their time without remuneration.   All members are expected to volunteer in some capacity to support the organization and its activities.

Our organization gives you the opportunity to meet people who have also been through the experience and are ready to develop their new lives. You can share your experiences. You will gain new confidence when you discover others who have established a new way of life. You will make new friends that you will have for life.

There are many great activities for both you and your family.   Thanks to the efforts of our volunteers, our family activities are subsidized for the children of members. Both you and your children will benefit. “A happy parent creates a happy family”

Who can join?
Membership is open to all single parents, whether by separation or divorce, death of a spouse or having never been married.

Custody of the children is not a factor.   The non-custodial parent is still a parent!  Our close “family” of members and regular family activities can help the children adapt to the changes in their family.

Age of the children is not a factor either.  We have members with small children, members with teenagers and members whose kids have grown and made their own way in life.   The diversity of our membership and our wide range of activities for all members are some of the great things about our organization.

Chapters hold regular meetings where activities are planned and discussed.  We have friendly and informal meetings.  There is the opportunity for members to provide input into the type of activities that the chapter does and the opportunity to meet and socialize with a diverse group of people.

We provide many family and adult activities, both educational and social. Our kids activities are varied and can even include major activities or more informal events like pumpkin carving for Halloween.   We go camping, we play volleyball and baseball, we have great speakers, but most importantly, we have FUN!!! Throughout these activities we create a feeling of belonging, thereby enabling our members to handle any experiences they may face.

How do I join?  What does it cost?
To be eligible for membership, you must meet the requirements outlined above — be a parent and be without a marriage partner by reason of death, divorce, separation, or never having been married.  The custody of your children is not a requirement.

There is a nominal membership cost of $50.00 per year which goes directly to the National organization to provide support and insurance for all OPFA events.  In this world of ours, insurance is a necessity and it protects both the members and the executives in the Chapters and National organization.

Our Charitable status allows the Chapters to do fundraising and these funds are spent by the Chapter to support single parents in their area.   In return for your volunteer hours, most Chapters subsidize family and adult events worth many times the value of your membership fee.

Membership forms are available from the membership directors at any of the chapter meetings.  Check inside for the chapter nearest you and come to a meeting to see what we’re all about!

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