Welcome to the One Parent Families Association!

Come for the Kids. Stay for the Friends.

Please note that our in-person events are on hold during the COVID-19 pandemic.  We will resume in-person events once it is safe to do so.  CLICK HERE TO JOIN OUR EMAIL LIST FOR UPDATES.

We are glad that you have found us and hope that you will become part of this great organization.

There truly is something for everyone here, whether your kids are young, teenagers or even fully grown and regardless of custody..

The OPFA has been there for one parent families for over 40 years. We are a non-profit volunteer organization.   Our activities are organized and run by parents just like you and everyone contributes to the success of the activities and the organization.   Volunteering not only helps make our activities a success — volunteering is truly one of the great “feel good” activities.   It’s also a way to meet new people in a safe and friendly environment.

You will find lots of activities for you and your family!  And we know that adults need adult time too so we have many great adult activities as well! However our organization is much, much more than activities.  We are focused on a full picture of life that includes:

Social – Meeting and spending time with like minded people

Sports – Getting out and having fun with well planned events

Support – Comes in many forms, advice to professional services

Structure – Weekly and monthly meetings, planned and easy to attend activities

Services – Referrals, discussions, vendor support and discounts when you need them most

Come out and have some fun!

Come for the kids — you’ll stay for the friendships!